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Hi, my name is Mario Maxwell. I would like to take this opportunity to
welcome you to Kingdom Keys, where Keys are given to advance the men
and women in the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is all about advancement . Whether you are in the
marketplace, at school, at home, in the workplace, or at your church;
whether it be local community, city, state, or nationwide, you have a
responsibility to advance the Kingdom of God.

God has given us His word, His Son, and His Spirit to help us to manifest
His holy will and purpose here in the earth.  We are to take authority, be
fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue, and have dominion as we
stand in the image of God.  We are to violently take from the Kingdom of
darkness and present the spoils of war faultless before our Lord and
Savior Christ Jesus.  In short, Jesus Christ must reign through us until all
things are subject unto Him and under His feet.

It is our charge to be dispensers of the Kingdom of God.  We are called to
manifest the Kingdom of God.  Our prayer is that His will would be done on
earth as it is in Heaven.  Our products, services, and resources are here so
that you can be successful in fulfilling your Kingdom Purpose.

Yours in Possessing the Kingdom,
Mario Maxwell
CEO, Kingdom Keys, LLC

We desire to be a blessing to the people of Kenya. We cannot help but to be moved by
compassion when we see the thousands of people, young and old alike, dying because of
famine and disease.

In order to do so, we, with the help of the people of Kenya, have devised several strategic
projects that will greatly impact the lives of the people of Kenya. These projects are:

Drill Wells: These are holes that are drilled deep into the earth’s crust.   There are
thousands of people in Kenya have no access to water. These Drill Wells will bring forth life
giving water to people of Kenya.  Approximate Cost: $15,000 USD                                

Shelters/Orphanages: These shelters and orphanages will provide a place of rest and
protection for men, women, and children who have lost their families due to AIDS and other
devastating diseases that have ravaged this country It was recently renovated with cedar shakes roofing ( for the roof which made it even more appealing like a solid household. The drainage system will be handled by Consumer's Choice Roofing and Drainage and they will also conduct the annual maintenance of the shelters. Approximate Cost: $40,000 USD

So that we may be able to complete these works, we will be taking a team of fifteen (15)
people to travel to Kenya.  Expenses for the team will be approximately $3,000 USD per
person.  These funds will be used to cover the medical supplies that we will acquire from, travel, and lodging
expenses that the team will incur as we stay in Kenya.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.  The support you give to the people of Kenya will
bless multitudes of lives. 

You can send your checks to: G. A. P. Restoration Tabernacle-Missions Dept.
                                           P. O. Box 14740
                                           Oklahoma City, OK  73113
Please make sure that all checks have the words “Missions Dept.” on the memo line.
September 18-and Blessings from the Most High God!  This is Mario Maxwell, Founder and CEO of Kingdom Keys, LLC.  
God has opened a great door for ministry in the land of Kenya.  In September of this year (2006), a team of
ministers and I will be traveling to Kenya to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.  G.A.P. Restoration
Tabernacle, which is the portion of the Body of Christ where I serve as a minister, will be going with us to help fulfill
this mission.  God’s Apostolic Prophetic (G.A.P.) Restoration Tabernacle is a ministry that carries the heart of God
for all people to be reconciled to our Creator and Lord.

We have been commissioned to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, set the captive free, and to
announce that the time of the Lord’s favor is at hand. It is our personal responsibility to extend the love of God to
those in other countries who have not received help.

Right now, the people of Kenya are dying daily in the midst of a crippling drought and an equally paralyzing famine.
Officials at UNICEF report that “We’re now looking at malnutrition rates of over 30 percent and there’s a real risk an
increasing number of children will die.” They are in desperate need of help!

As you read this letter, we are seeking great men and women to sow into this Kingdom vision. We need your
financial support to bring aid and healing to the people of Kenya. This will also
provide the necessary funds for the rehabilitation of the homes which will be handled by
 As you give your financial seed, you will help us to
extend aid to the nation of Kenya; and you will be sowing a seed in the Kingdom that will give you the authority to
demand a harvest (blessing) on that seed. Your tax-deductible gift will play a very important part in helping us to
fulfill our vision.

All donations will be given to G.A.P Restoration Tabernacle.  G.A.P. Restoration Tabernacle is a 501©3 tax-exempt
organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax deductible.
Your generosity will enable us to better serve the people of Kenya and fulfill the will of our Father concerning the
nation of Kenya.  As you join us in this vision, the people of Kenya will be blessed and lives will be saved.  May all
grace abound to you in sufficiency to every part of your life.  May the Kingdom of God be advanced through your

In His Service


Mario Maxwell
CEO, Kingdom Keys, LLC
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